Let me begin by saying Fr. Pins in Dillon, Msgr. O'Neill at the Cathedral, Dick Anderson Construction, and the Diocesan Building Commission (which includes Bishop George Thomas and me and many others) are very impressed with and appreciative of the work you have done for us.

The restoration of the stained glass from the former convent in Butte that is now in the Chancery Conference Room in the Cathedral Faith Formation Center is unbelievably great.

Thank you again for the great work you have done for parishes and the diocese!

Peter L. McNamee
Financial Services Director
Diocese of Helena
P O Box 1729
Helena MT 59624-1729

Phone: 406-442-5820, ext. 40

There are very few people who have the talent and patience to give rebirth to an old brittle priceless work of art. You need to know how to handle the glass and be able to meticulously recreate it with reproduction glass, were needed, and new lead. Mary went to Las Vegas to learn how to paint and airbrush and recreate the fine details that may be needed in restoring a glorious church window. “I enjoy doing my own patterns, but have to admit, there’s something very gratifying about bringing an old piece to it’s original condition.”